Getting Ready for Course 4

I hope you all enjoyed your spring break – from school and from COETAIL!

Unfortunately both Alex (my husband) and I came down with the flu for almost our entire break, so it wasn’t nearly as fun as it could have been (what with the fainting, cracking a tooth and having to cancel our trip around Japan)…

But, I did get the chance to keynote the ECIS Tech Conference in Munich just before I ended up getting sick. If you would like to check out a summary of my presentation, it’s posted here. I’ve heard there will be a video posted online soon, as well, which I’ll share when it’s ready.


Whenever there’s a face-to-face event, there’s usually at least one COETAILer there, so we always try to have a meet-up (an informal gathering of COETAILers – to meet new people, and to put faces to names we already know).

For me, it was especially great to meet Sonya (from our cohort) and quite a few other COETAILers at ECIS – meeting up with people is always my favorite part of attending conferences! Huge thanks to Vivian from Online 13-14 for arranging everything!

Did any of you attend EARCOS and meet up with Jeff? Share your story in the comments – and any pictures if you have them!

Course 3 Highlights

As you know, our next course (Course 4) starts on Monday April 13th, so I thought I would share a few highlights from the amazing projects you all created in Course 3.

Here are a few outstanding examples worth checking out, if you haven’t already:

We only had a few participants brave enough to tackle the digital story option:Muhammad made a very practical video tutorial for WAB’s TigerTube. Paul revised his presentation into a Pecha Kucha-style digital story. Carly was perhaps the bravest, in actually creating a digital story example to use with her students.

Jeff used his digital story to help spread the word about a terrific global project called The Flat Cat Project (re-imaging the Flat Stanley project as a Flat Cat and improved the postcards from Stanley to an animated message from the Flat Cat) which unfortunately not enough people signed up to be a part of it. He hopes his digital story will help spread the word about the project and generate enough interest for it to go ahead at a later date!

Kristy and Jennifer both redesigned presentations using the Presentation Zen design principles. It’s great to see that even without the text, the ideas, feelings and meaning of each presentation shine through – when combined with the face-to-face presentation, you know the audience will be engaged!

Daena created an About Me page on her blog to introduce herself to her readers – if you haven’t taken the time to do this yet, I highly encourage you to give it a go! I know it’s the first place I visit whenever I go to a new website. It’s great to see the variety of images Daena included, as well as the great use of space and tons of links to take the reader even further!

Angela made a beautiful infographic resume to use at recruitment fairs. She pointed out that recruiters want to know about applicants as people, not just as professionals, and this infographic resume does just that. The choice of color, font, and images give an impression of Angela, while still sharing the most important info about her to a prospective employer.

Sonya also created a stunning infographic resume AND a digital story (for her ADE application – wishing you all the best for that Sonya!).  Sonya’s reflection and subsequent reworking of her original infographic resume is definitely worth checking out as it shows the true power of reflection and how hard it is to consolidate all things that are important into one page.

Colleen’s aim for keeping it simple produced a clean and clear About Me/Resume for her blog.  Her choice of symbols to help represent important information fit well within the infographic as does the choice of colour.

Kathy’s visual resume focuses on the timeline of her career in such a simple and easy to navigate way – a perfect overview of her experience for future employers!

Course 4 Payment

As we enjoy our last few days before Course 4 starts up, please make sure to submit your Course 4 payment and check in with Daneah if you have any questions!


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